DevReach – “Цитат на деня”

След като споделих впечатленията си от DevReach конференцията, ето и някои от забавните цитати, които се размятаха из Twitter.

You do not have to be faster than the bear, just faster than your friend” – Brian Prince

To succeed with this presentation, I had to give up one of my kids” – Lino Tadros

Caching is probably the best performing technique – it can get you wrong data very fast!” – Steve Smith

In js you just say “O, this is a string, now it is a method!” – Steve Smith

Pain Driven Development – when you feel the pain, that’s when you do the refactoring.” – Steve Smith

Remember that one – what the movie “Inception” was all about – how to run a VM inside another VM!

Knock, knock. – Who’s there?…After a while… – Java!

The Windows phone kills you and you don’t know how to stay alive.” – Jon Flanders

The biggest challenge with html, is to make things look right” – Todd Anglin

Let’s say I live in a dungeon and I use IE” – Steve Smith

The web is the largest legacy software system in the history of the Universe

If you write the same code 3 times, it is time to stop programming.

I can sit on my grandmother’s computer, open notepad, write, compile and debug javascript.

I experimented in college with iOS

I will now add “have a beer”, because that’s what every developer do” – Carl Nurse

“So 10% of you think “Bob”, 10% think “Fred” and the others don’t think” – Carl Nurse

So what’s the deadline of the project? Yesterday – like any other project” – Stephen Forte

If MS was in charge of sushi they would call it deadcoldfish” –  Lino Tadros

By Nadya Atanasova

Надя Атанасова е web празработчик в ProPeople и истински Майкрософт фен. Участва като лектор в .NET курсове в Софийски Университет.

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